Monthly Archives: November 2008

Contact Printing Frames

Let’s start at the beginning: contact printing frames. The most common piece of equipment you will come across in alternative photographic processes. I’m only half joking about the central role that the contact printing frame plays in alternative processes. The need for this piece of equipment illustrates some fundamental points in common for various popular processes. […]

The World Journal of Post-Factory Photography

In scrambling around for information on alternative and historic processes I’ve come across some material in a roundabout way. One extremely useful publication was The World Journal of Post-Factory Photography published by Judy Seigel. In her own inimitable style, Judy sets forth in 9 issues stories of practitioners, methods and how-to’s for alternative photographic processes. […]

Beth Moon

Beth Moon and I have been running across each other more and more frequently. I met Beth briefly through Mark Nelson when he was working with her on his Precision Digital Negatives system. I was also working with Mark (and still am) and ran by her place to take him out to dinner. Beth makes […]

Michael Garlington

I had the opportunity to meet Michael Garlington recently in his darkroom in Petaluma, California. I’m glad the directions were good – as there is no cell phone coverage where he lives and works – he’s off the beaten track in more ways than one. I am fascinated not only by his work – my […]