Platinum Printing Class May 29, 30, 31

Edward Weston's DarkroomI will be teaching a digital negative and platinum workshop with Kim Weston May 29, 30 and 31 at Wildcat Hill in Carmel, CA.

We’ll be going over the basics of digital negative production, platinum and palladium printing, and looking at another process if we have time.

Kim Weston will be describing how to make platinum print. One of the most beautiful of photographic printing processes, it is also very accessible. And Kim is an extraordinarily accomplished printer. Basic technique will be covered in the first day – with students making their own prints by day’s end. On the second and third day we’ll be working on different techniques, discuss problems and their solutions, presentation and where you can go next in your pursuits.

Contact Printing FrameThe setting is truly inspirational. Edward Weston moved to Wildcat Hill at a house his son Neil built for him. Here he continued to produced outstanding images and in the surrounding Point Lobos area. His original darkroom remains. Objects from his career are scattered around the house and his prints, and those of Kim Weston, are on display.

There are still a couple openings in the workshop. Saturday night includes a portfolio presentation by local photographers during a dinner and discussion.

Kim’s workshops are always a tremendous experience.

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