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Requiem, 2008 - Copyright 2008 Susan Middleton, All Rights ReservedKathan Brown left a comment on my brief accolade-filled review of Crown Point Press books on etching. She mentioned they are coming out with a book on photogravure, and encouraged me to look at Susan Middleton’s video on the Magical Secrets web site.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Susan is doing color-registered photogravures, such as Requiem, 2008 to the left. She speaks first of the velvety blacks one can achieve from a well etched plate giving up its ink to a fine paper. This velvety look is what drew me into exploring photogravure. But her color photogravures – multiple registered impressions – look impossibly gorgeous – I hope to see them tomorrow on a trip to the Crown Point Press Gallery in San Francisco.

Kathan Brown asked in her comment if a traditional copperplate photogravure looks better than a polymer photogravure? Mark Nelson has been pushing faster through polymer plate than me (I’m distracted by cleaning, school, and making money – oh, and the imminent arrival of our new child). I acquired one of his recent works and it is sublime in it handling of shadows, moody with detail. I think these new plates have more to give than may have been asked of them in the past.

It’s all good.

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