Monthly Archives: July 2009

On Pawn Shops and Photographers

This post is a bit way off the beaten track of my normal musings, but I was struck by the original article in the NY Times that mentioned Art Capital Group – a firm that creates specialty loans allowing the use of art as collateral. With the art market hot (despite the economy) and photography’s […]

Buxton Platinotype – Part I

In trading some e-mails with Mike Ware, he suggested I might try Buxton paper from Ruscombe Paper Mill in France. The paper was developedĀ at Mike’s instigation for use in alternative photographic processes. Properly called Buxton Platinotype by the mill, Mike describes its creation and properties extensively on his web site. Fine art paper manufacture is […]

The New Cyanotype Continued

It’s early morning and still dark out. I’m heating up distilled water to prepare the single bottle emulsion for the New Cyanotype process. What if you were able to print cyanotypes with the tonal range of palladium, and its detail, and have it clear with the ease of a platinum print with little loss of […]

New Book Signing July 17, 2009

I put together a retrospective photography book that’s available on the Blurb publishing site entitled A Model Relationship. The book is available for ordering at cost from Blurb’s bookstore – and a short preview is online. The book contains mostly nude studies. I look back on some work I did with a single model over […]