New Book Signing July 17, 2009

CoverImageI put together a retrospective photography book that’s available on the Blurb publishing site entitled A Model Relationship. The book is available for ordering at cost from Blurb’s bookstore – and a short preview is online. The book contains mostly nude studies.

I look back on some work I did with a single model over several years. This project came out of a class I took at Stanford Continuing Studies on how to make a photo book, taught by Brigitte Carnochan.

All in all an interesting process and a great class. Going systematically through the editing and sequencing of the book was greatly aided by peer review over several sessions with my classmates. Fascinating to get continuous, layered feedback over a few weeks. Some visual layouts were completely suggested by one classmate or another and I think greatly improved the final result.

A photographer friend of mine blogged a bit about the class and my book. Thanks Brad!

As Brad mentions, there is a book signing Friday July 17, 2009 at Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto from 7 – 10 PM. My other classmates will be there with their work – twenty very different takes on the photo book. I will have at the signing a limited edition version with two prints that can be purchased through me.

The Fan Ho exhibit is still going on, so lots of great work to see!

Hope to see you there!

I will blog a bit about my experience self-publishing, and some suggestions on how to go about it while minimizing your pain in the next few entries.


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    i’ll be there

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    Brad made some more nice comments about my book on his blog again.

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