Monthly Archives: August 2009

Camera Work XXVI

Widely regarded as the publication that changed the perception of photography from one of purely mechanical reproduction to a fine art, Alfred Stieglitz’s Camera Work is an exquisite magazine. Demanding the utmost quality in photographic reproduction, Stieglitz illustrated the magazine with some of the finest photogravure work seen at the time. Published between 1903 and […]

The Death of Photogravure

The death of photogravure may not be exaggerated. In about a month, I will be studying the traditional dust grain photogravure process with Jon Goodman. This was rescheduled from June. Up until now I have been playing with polymer plate photogravure. I want some hands on experience with the traditional copper plate method. A couple […]

Weston Paper Tangent

I know. I know. I must get back on message. I’m reading Julia Child’s autobiography My Life in France (written with Alex Prud’Homme). A sleepless night, was trying to relax but kept choking on the passages describing her younger sister Dort’s mangling of the French language. The tie-in? Interspersed with the episodes in France are […]

The Chrysotype Manual

Mike Ware has politely encouraged me to read more of his work – which in my case is more a re-reading carefully. I had read his Cyanotype book early on (now very out of print, and unlikely to return, and commanding premium prices on the used book market if you can find it) when I […]