End of Year Resolution

Lensbaby and InfraredNew Year’s Resolution – I will blog once a week in the coming year until I am caught up in my writing. But let me blast out one entry on New Year’s Eve to set the bit.

It’s been a pretty dry year for writing, but I have been doing photography (when not studying Art History as the Academy of Art in San Francisco). I ended up taking a core class required for my eventual BFA – People Photography. A survey of the field. Taught by Kris Lattimore, I found it quite interesting in the breadth of the ways and uses for photographing people.

My thoughts about photography and expression have been evolving. I’ve been drifting to more expression and less sharp recording, more emotion than fact.

The shot here was done with my (old) Canon 5D Mk II that was modified to shoot infrared (modified by Life Pixel) with a Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 optics, everything on a tripod. I was imagining a child flying in their dreams, friends close at hand, as they made their way.

The difficult part of this shoot was gluing her to the ceiling.

Happy New Year!

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