Mike Ware’s Cyanotype book published in 1999 is the definitive bible on the process. It describes not only Herschel’s original method from 1842 but also Mike Ware’s update to it. Long out of print, copies would go for sale occasionally for $100’s.

In 2014, Mike released an online update of the reference book entitled Cyanomicon.

Anna_Atkins_algae_cyanotypeThe book is not only about the process itself, but its critical place in the history of photography.

“The most notable achievement was that of Anna Atkins who, during two decades from 1843, produced her now celebrated and highly-treasured albums of botanical photograms.”

Anna Atkins’s book with its exquisite depictions of British algae was the world’s first photobook. The Cyanomicon reference contains a great deal of context about the process, and very importantly the conservation of alternative process photographs.

Need to do a couple of experiments with Mike’s New Cyanotype Process in the near future.

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