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Eastman Museum at Home

Ok. You’ve binge watched every episode of GoT for the third time. And there is no end in sight to the pandemic. What’s a photographer to do? The George Eastman Museum at Home has an online series of outstanding videos on photography. The history and description of processes (excellent) and DIY videos. One of my […]


Mike Ware’s Cyanotype book published in 1999 is the definitive bible on the process. It describes not only Herschel’s original method from 1842 but also Mike Ware’s update to it. Long out of print, copies would go for sale occasionally for $100’s. In 2014, Mike released an online update of the reference book entitled Cyanomicon. […]

A Weekend in Bed with Christina Z. Anderson

I just spent the weekend mostly in bed reading Christina Z. Anderson’s new book Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes. Quite satisfying actually. I have Chris’s previous book The Experimental Photography Workbook, 6th Edition which I use as a reference for alternative processes. It was in that book that I was first exposed […]

The “Blue Print” and Its Variations

Finding historical texts on photographic printing processes can be daunting. The Internet has certainly helped in making out-of-copyright tomes more readily available to the alternative process practitioner. I have been scouring and used book marketplace for original texts on what are today alternative photographic processes. I have by far the most success on […]

The New Cyanotype Continued

It’s early morning and still dark out. I’m heating up distilled water to prepare the single bottle emulsion for the New Cyanotype process. What if you were able to print cyanotypes with the tonal range of palladium, and its detail, and have it clear with the ease of a platinum print with little loss of […]

Cost of Alternative Processes

As I am getting ready to teach a workshop with Kim Weston this weekend, I whipped up some New Cyanotype solution to give to the students to try with Weston Diploma paper. So, while one can start dropping pretty pennies on platinum printing (saving money by the usual mixing with the only slightly less costly […]

John Dugdale

Judy Seigel suggested the best way to get a hold of John Dugdale was by phone and she gave me his numbers, one for his place in West Village Manhattan, one for his place in the country. She observed that being nearly blind, John didn’t spend a lot of time reading e-mail.My interest in cyanotypes […]

Paper Revival: Weston Diploma Parchment Plat/Pal

So, I’ve recently made some beautifully detailed, smoothly toned cyanotypes using my store of discontinued Crane’s Weston Diploma Parchment and Mike Ware’s new cyanotype process. I purchased 250 sheets of 11 inch by 14 inch, and 100 sheets of 28 inch by 34 inch in June 2007 from Bostick and Sullivan. The paper is extremely […]

The New Cyanotype: First Impressions

I’ve been exploring the new cyanotype process invented by Mike Ware these past few weeks. This is the first of a series of notes. I decided to give the new cyanotype process a try because of some frustrations I had with variations on the classic cyanotype method. The biggest problem being highlight staining, areas of […]

Recent Extinctions: Crane’s Weston Diploma Parchment

I settled on a paper for making cyanotypes using Mike Ware’s new cyanotype process, a natural tone Crane’s Weston Diploma Parchment. Crane Paper Company stopped manufacturing this paper a year ago. It was considered a worthy successor to the whiter, also discontinued, Crane’s Platinotype. I had been struggling unsuccessfully with Arches Platine and Bergger COT […]