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“If it was good enough for Edward Weston…” – Developing Film by Inspection

Consider doing film development by inspection.

End of Year Resolution

New Year’s Resolution – I will blog once a week in the coming year until I am caught up in my writing. But let me blast out one entry on New Year’s Eve to set the bit. It’s been a pretty dry year for writing, but I have been doing photography (when not studying Art […]

Essential Equipment

If you’re in the middle of inking plates for printing, how do you move a clean sheet of moistened paper to the inked plate on the press without leaving fingerprints? I’ve been taking the Alternative Photographic Processes class at the Academy of Art, from Maureen Delaney,¬† in San Francisco this semester – in pursuit (part […]

DSLR Camera Remote

My walkaway on a still life photography class was “No excuses photography.” And part of achieving that is perfect lighting – and I found DSLR Camera Remote from onOne software to be a great tool to speeding up strobe placement. When shooting a still life in the studio with strobes, I was trying to get […]

Shattering the Warranty: Digital Infrared

I violated any warranty left on my original Canon 1Ds full frame digital SLR. Sitting at my dining room table I decided to make my now unused camera infrared capable. This involved removing various small screws, and carefully labeling them to return them to their proper place. I found the instructions on how to disassemble […]

On Coating Methods

I’ve tried several methods of coating cyanotype and platinum/palladium sensitizers on paper. I primarily rod coat. Starting with a small line of emulsion (say 2ml or a bit less, or 3 single bulb pull dropperfuls) in a line on one end of the paper, I smoothly draw the line with s leading wet edge across […]

The Epson 3800 Printer

I use the Epson 3800 printer to produce my digital negatives. There, I’ve said it. So, one thing I continually bump into is there’s not enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do with my photography. And I try to ask people who are working in similar areas for […]

Wash out

Let’s talk about washing out the Toyobo KM73 photopolymer plate. On Jon Lybrook’s recommendation I eventually purchased the Boxcar Press brush. Dianne Longley talks about any flat soft bristle brush being usable for washout. After constructing my own using taped together bristle paint brushes from Home Depot, I decided to buy the Boxcar brush. At […]

Contact Printing Frames

Let’s start at the beginning: contact printing frames. The most common piece of equipment you will come across in alternative photographic processes. I’m only half joking about the central role that the contact printing frame plays in alternative processes. The need for this piece of equipment¬†illustrates some fundamental points in common for various popular processes. […]