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Image Variations – Film Emulation

The death of film was not really exaggerated – that much. Many many films are no longer made. Companies that made classic film stocks are no longer in business. I really started in photography at the twilight of the classical darkroom era. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my work in alternative processes […]

“If it was good enough for Edward Weston…” – Developing Film by Inspection

Consider doing film development by inspection.

Woodburytype – Men of Mark

The Woodburytype is a photomechanical reproduction process that is the only process that reproduces the continuous tone  seen in a real photograph. While a copperplate photogravure produces a continuous tone, the resulting image is not strictly “photographic” but much more interpretive and somewhat graphic (and of course gorgeous). As Wikipedia relates the Woodburytype process entails: […]

End of Year Resolution

New Year’s Resolution – I will blog once a week in the coming year until I am caught up in my writing. But let me blast out one entry on New Year’s Eve to set the bit. It’s been a pretty dry year for writing, but I have been doing photography (when not studying Art […]

Precious Resources

Books on alternative processes have a fairly small audience in the greater scheme of things, and once out of print can become as precious as the cost of materials for the process itself. While teaching a platinum printing with digital negatives class with Kim Weston this weekend I mentioned that the bible for the process […]

221 Pine St.

It is a very, very small world. My son Nikolai and I start Day Three of a photogravure workshop with Jon Goodman today. My impression to this point is that the copper plate photogravure process is simpler than I expected. It is perhaps more accurate to say that Jon Goodman’s approach to this exquisite process […]

Cost of Alternative Processes

As I am getting ready to teach a workshop with Kim Weston this weekend, I whipped up some New Cyanotype solution to give to the students to try with Weston Diploma paper. So, while one can start dropping pretty pennies on platinum printing (saving money by the usual mixing with the only slightly less costly […]

The Value of a Photograph

I don’t frequent Ebay that much. But I did sneak a peek over there when I was trying to track down a copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Kháyyám, with photogravures by Adelaide Hanscom. I successfully tracked one down (rather circuitously obtaining an intact copy). As I was poking around I came across a cache […]

Adult Content Contained Herein

My apologies if I took anyone by surprise. There are some nudes in this blog in images I make or perhaps from a photographer I am referring to. As in my postings on Adelaide Hanscom and John Dugdale. I got flagged for objectionable content. I found the option on searching through the pop up on […]

A Rainy Day in California

Our governor has declared a drought emergency in California. While I know it is childish, it is safe to say that our governor can beat up your governor. As I wandered around downtown in the rain today during this emergency, I decided to grab that picture of Palo Alto Blueprint & Supply Company while I […]