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Mark Nelson has never sounded better

I recently purchased a Kindle 2. I’m one of those people that iPhone and other gadget makers target. I like to play with toys. It probably explains my deep relationship with my X-Rite 810 densitometer. I have an original Kindle also – a Christmas present from my wife. I was resistant at first, but then […]

Cavallo Point Lodge

I met Beth Moon this morning to look over some vintage and modern photogravures I’ve picked up recently. I brought books The Sonnets from the Portuguese, Taken from Life, and The Artistic Side of Photography. I brought a portfolio of photogravures by Laryew titled Nus:¬†Cent Photographies Originales de Laryew¬†circa 1920, and two separated photogravure leaves […]

"Well played!" whispered Monica.

I have been acquisitive of books on photography from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s for a few reasons. First and foremost is to get original source material on photographic printing processes that were not yet considered historical at the time. Second, I’ve been looking for images of vintage equipment and advertisements for use in […]

Some Technical Notes from David Michael Kennedy

David Michael Kennedy is an accomplished photographer and palladium printer. His landscape work is moody and immediate. I love his portrait work – and the way he expresses them in his prints. Rangefinder Magazine has an interesting profile on him. But, once again, I digress. He has published some extensive technical notes on palladium printing […]

Light Sensitivity of Alternative Processes

So, I’ve been preparing some scans of the various steps of making an image in cyanotype. I’m not the most accomplished print scanner (just setup my Epson V750 scanner which I had bought some time back to scan some 8″ x 10″ black and white negatives I have). I use a discontinued Imacon (now Hasselblad) […]

Feeling a Bit Blue

Bleu, bleu, le monde est bleu. I spent the past couple days wrestling with classic cyanotype. This is somewhat embarrassing, given the supposed ease with which this most basic of processes can be done. Invented by John Herschel (a famous polymath) in 1842, it is simplicity itself. Two chemicals, expose in sun, develop in water, […]

Early Morning is for Printing

I woke this morning at 6AM to catch up on printing, turned off the clock and slept for another hour. That said, at 7AM I went to my darkroom, trimmed a steel backed Toyobo Printight KM 73 photopolymer plate to size using a sturdy 18″ Dahle guillotine paper cutter (using the polymer plate on the […]

Exciting times in Landscape Photography

If there is an exciting time for landscape photography it is sunrise or sunset. It’s 5AM and I’m thinking about Alain Briot’s dictum to “Focus.” It could well apply to me eyes at this moment and my wish for some psychoactive drug like caffeine to make me bigger, stronger, more awake. Here in Death Valley […]

Why do alternative processes?

A common question asked is “Why do alternative processes?” I suspect the answer is very personal to each artist. I’ll take one thing off the table immediately – you don’t explore alternative processes to simplify and streamline your life to free up time for other activities. I was musing during a workshop with Larry Shapiro […]