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“If it was good enough for Edward Weston…” – Developing Film by Inspection

Consider doing film development by inspection.


Mike Ware’s Cyanotype book published in 1999 is the definitive bible on the process. It describes not only Herschel’s original method from 1842 but also Mike Ware’s update to it. Long out of print, copies would go for sale occasionally for $100’s. In 2014, Mike released an online update of the reference book entitled Cyanomicon. […]

A Weekend in Bed with Christina Z. Anderson

I just spent the weekend mostly in bed reading Christina Z. Anderson’s new book Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes. Quite satisfying actually. I have Chris’s previous book The Experimental Photography Workbook, 6th Edition which I use as a reference for alternative processes. It was in that book that I was first exposed […]

Modernbook Gallery

One of the coolest things about living in Palo Alto is Modernbook Gallery. A phenomenal photography gallery started November 1, 1999 and now a fixture now in the Bay Area arts scene, the gallery changes exhibits six times a year and can be scene at art fairs like the upcoming LA Art Show which runs […]

A Complete Unknown

I sat in Charles Gatewood’s kitchen this morning with Dana Smith and Charles sipping tea and talking about his book, photography, bookmaking and celebrities. And viral marketing. Must’ve been something in the tea. Charles Gatewood started me on the path of photography, and has accompanied and encouraged me along the way. But that’s another story. […]

221 Pine St.

It is a very, very small world. My son Nikolai and I start Day Three of a photogravure workshop with Jon Goodman today. My impression to this point is that the copper plate photogravure process is simpler than I expected. It is perhaps more accurate to say that Jon Goodman’s approach to this exquisite process […]

Artichoke Press

Andrew Cahan, purveyor of truly fine and rare photographic books, suggested during a conversation about Walery’s Nus, Cent photographies originales de Laryew some months back that I should get to know Jonathan Clark, who owns the fine printing firm, Artichoke Press, one town over from me in Mountain View. We finally got together last week […]

Camera Work XXVI

Widely regarded as the publication that changed the perception of photography from one of purely mechanical reproduction to a fine art, Alfred Stieglitz’s Camera Work is an exquisite magazine. Demanding the utmost quality in photographic reproduction, Stieglitz illustrated the magazine with some of the finest photogravure work seen at the time. Published between 1903 and […]

On Pawn Shops and Photographers

This post is a bit way off the beaten track of my normal musings, but I was struck by the original article in the NY Times that mentioned Art Capital Group – a firm that creates specialty loans allowing the use of art as collateral. With the art market hot (despite the economy) and photography’s […]

Susan Middleton

Kathan Brown left a comment on my brief accolade-filled review of Crown Point Press books on etching. She mentioned they are coming out with a book on photogravure, and encouraged me to look at Susan Middleton’s video on the Magical Secrets web site. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Susan is doing color-registered photogravures, such as Requiem, 2008 […]