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John Dugdale

Judy Seigel suggested the best way to get a hold of John Dugdale was by phone and she gave me his numbers, one for his place in West Village Manhattan, one for his place in the country. She observed that being nearly blind, John didn’t spend a lot of time reading e-mail.My interest in cyanotypes […]

Sonnets from the Portuguese

I went up to the Antiquarian Book Fair in San Francisco this past weekend. There were many bookstores selling their wares ranging from illuminated manuscripts to 8″ x 10″ glossies of Bettie Page ($500, signed – thanks, I already have one). I was looking for examples of photogravures in books. I stopped at several booths, […]

Mike John Ware

Dr. Mike John Ware is an accomplished British photographer and rigorous chemist. An Oxford University doctorate in chemistry, his research focused on molecular spectroscopy. Mike has undertaken fundamental studies in historic photographic processes and preservation of photographs working with The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television and The Victoria & Albert Museum. Mike brings […]

Brigitte Carnochan

I went to Brigitte Carnochan’s opening of Imagining Then at Gallery 291 in San Francisco tonight. The work struck me very hard and left me in an emotional state that I can’t shake. Gitta’s hand-painted photographs of figures and still lives are exquisite. This new work is very different. Working from photographs and objects from her […]

Paul Strand

I just finished watching the documentary Strand: Under the Dark Cloth. The commentary went “[Late in life] Paul Strand went to Ghana… where he used a handheld camera for the first time.” Yeah, what looks to be Graflex RB single lens reflex.  Cataracts waylaid him briefly in his old age but still he printed – […]

Annals of My Glass House

Julia Margaret Cameron is a hero of mine. She is an inspiration to follow one’s passion no matter when in life you find it, to find supporters for one’s endeavors, and to make progress in the pursuit of art through determination and hard work. The Internet is a great resource for photography and opens up […]

Alain Briot

“Focus.” Alain Briot replied when I asked him what it takes to be a great landscape photographer. In all senses of the word. Alain’s work testifies to his intense focus to producing unique and beautiful landscape images. In discussing creativity he remarked, as I’ve heard others, that it’s increasingly hard to find a place that’s […]

Beth Moon

Beth Moon and I have been running across each other more and more frequently. I met Beth briefly through Mark Nelson when he was working with her on his Precision Digital Negatives system. I was also working with Mark (and still am) and ran by her place to take him out to dinner. Beth makes […]

Michael Garlington

I had the opportunity to meet Michael Garlington recently in his darkroom in Petaluma, California. I’m glad the directions were good – as there is no cell phone coverage where he lives and works – he’s off the beaten track in more ways than one. I am fascinated not only by his work – my […]