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The Death of Photogravure

The death of photogravure may not be exaggerated. In about a month, I will be studying the traditional dust grain photogravure process with Jon Goodman. This was rescheduled from June. Up until now I have been playing with polymer plate photogravure. I want some hands on experience with the traditional copper plate method. A couple […]

Cool Resource Site for Epson 3800 Printer

Mark Nelson sent out a note pointing us at a resource site for the Epson 3800 printer. The Internet is so cool. The page is maintained by Eric Chan – who seems like quite an interesting fellow.

Some Technical Notes from David Michael Kennedy

David Michael Kennedy is an accomplished photographer and palladium printer. His landscape work is moody and immediate. I love his portrait work – and the way he expresses them in his prints. Rangefinder Magazine has an interesting profile on him. But, once again, I digress. He has published some extensive technical notes on palladium printing […]