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Platinum and Digital Negatives Workshop with Kim Weston

I will be once again teaching a making digital negatives class and platinum printing with Kim Weston. We taught this class last year and had a blast. The students made beautiful full tonal range prints very quickly, and learned how to calibrate and manage any alternative process. We had time to explore the New Cyanotype […]

Weston Paper Tangent

I know. I know. I must get back on message. I’m reading Julia Child’s autobiography My Life in France (written with Alex Prud’Homme). A sleepless night, was trying to relax but kept choking on the passages describing her younger sister Dort’s mangling of the French language. The tie-in? Interspersed with the episodes in France are […]

This blog has moved

Because of restrictions on content forcing required boring warning pages (interstitial), I have permanently relocated my blog to Alternative Impressions hosted on While not as simple to use as Blogspot, I find the content policies and actions less objectionable. I have put my own warning page up on potential nude content in discussing photography […]